Jonah Koslen
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  Jonah Koslen

Jonah Koslen has been creatively active in the music business as a composer, a producer and a performer, since 1973.

Jonah Koslen PhotoBeginning with his successful tenure with the Michael Stanley Band, which included the writing and recording of some of the bands most loved songs ("Waste a Little Time On Me", "Strike Up The Band", "Nothings Gonna Change My Mind", "Ladies Choice"), Jonah contributed lead guitar, lead vocals and arrangements to three albums and numerous compilations. The song, "Nothings Gonna Change My Mind" charted in the summer of 1977.

Jonah's solo work included a solo record in 1978 (Back Tracks) and 2 albums with his band Breathless (including such songs as "Takin' It Back", "Glued to the Radio," and "Walk Right In" among others). "Takin' It Back" charted in 1979.

After recording the album "Aces" with Jonah Koslen and the Heroes, Jonah relocated to Los Angeles 1984.

During his 13 years in LA, Jonah kept very busy. He recorded demos with 80's teen star Tiffany. Appeared at Farm Aid II with blues legend Bonnie Bramlett (subsequently writing and recording several songs for an episode of the TV show "Fame" which Bonnie appeared in). Worked with one time Aerosmith guitarist, Jimmy Crespo. Worked and recorded with Guns and Roses guitarist, Gilby Clark. Appeared live on TV with Wayne Newton. Composed music for B movies (Teenage Vampire, The Dangerous, Lunar Cop, etc.). Composed and produced an album for the rock band Skin Diver. And reunited with Michael Stanley to help write and produce the Ghost Poets CD.

Since this time, Jonah also branched out into the world of multimedia, where he did pioneering work on interactive CD-ROMs, including the first mixed-mode, promotional CD-ROM, a prototype for the Rolling Stones' "VooDoo Lounge". He continued on to design and produce CD-ROMs for Philips Media and JVC Interactive. These titles included the CD-ROM game, produced with the Improv comedy club, "Don't Quit Your Day Job". Featuring an immersive 360 degree virtual reality environment, the player interacted with agents, club owners, wanna be's and famous comics, including Bill Mahr, Steve Allen and many others.

Joe Walsh of the Eagles brought Jonah in to help create the special effects movie of the band member's "morphing" into each other. This was used to introduce the band's encores throughout their hugely successful, world wide reunion tour, "Hell Freezes Over".

In recent years, Jonah's experience with web design and the music industry have led him to participate in the newly emerging technologies of streaming media, with such industry pioneers Everstream and




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