The Band:
  1. Costley Court
    Recorded: 2006-05-15
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  Costley Court Funk Band
Costley Ct. are a progressive Funk-Jazz group who has just released their second album, Dot!Live, blending their influences of Jazz, James Brown, Bob Marley, Rock & Roll and Afro-Cuban. Their sound passes over nearly every genre while on its way to making you dance, or stopping you to make you listen.
What is Costley Ct.? It’s a street in downtown Kent, Ohio, where some of the boys first got together just trying to figure some things out.  From there, many faces have passed through the band, leaving their influences and good times with the 6 that are left.
Along the way...Individually they’ve had the chance to share the stage with heavies such as Jewel, Al Jarreau, Ernie Krivda, Boogsie Sharpe, Bob Newhart, Parliament/Funkadelic and Phil Keaggy. Now they’re concentrating on promoting a funky good time.  They have become club favorites in Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Kent and Youngstown.  Look for them to come your way soon. Costley Ct. is for everyone—they are ambassadors for good music.


Tomtom Resnick- Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Vocals
Tony Spicer- Saxophone, Vocals
Kevin Delsanter- Bass
Eric Murray- Guitar, Vocals
Jason Little- Congas, Percussion, Vocals
Jeff Neitzke- Drums, Percussion










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